Interview with Mr. Jamie Hartop

I wanted to do something different on the blog so I asked my good friend Jamie if he would be willing to answer some questions if I sent them to him. He was a great sport and answered all of them. He also added a lot of detail which makes it even more fun to read. I did not change any of his answers other than adding a little punctuation. Much appreciation to Jamie and hope you enjoy!


1) What got you interested in running competitively originally?

I first got into running my sophomore year of high school after being introduced to the sport by my friend, Cole.  Initially, we both thought it would be a good way to stay in shape during the soccer offseason and have kept up with running since.


2) What made you want to focus more on distance events instead of mid-D?

It took until about late sophomore year that I began focusing on distance over mid-distance.  Originally coming from a soccer background that consists of steady running and bursts of sprinting, my coaches put me in 800m and 1500m/mile races.  My lack of speed and penchant for aerobic endurance coupled with my growing enjoyment for running was the driving formula.


3) Are you happy you pursued running over soccer at Ursinus?

I definitely am.  I’m still a fan of soccer but I have come to realize that running aligns far more with my personality and interests.  For example, running is such an engaging focused, methodical, and numbers-oriented sport that it instantly clicks with me.  In soccer, almost half of the team is barely getting much playing time and being one of those individuals on the bench, it’s challenging to justify all the time, energy, and focus that you have invested at practice to not be able to exhibit it in the game.  Running is the complete opposite.


4) What is your favorite race memory from your time at Ursinus?

My favorite race memory is from my junior year outdoor season at a meet at Washington and Lee where I ran the 10k and qualified for Conferences.  I remember telling Blickle minutes before the race the time I was aiming to hit per mile and he looked at me and responded “with that time, you’ll qualify for Conferences,” which I was well-aware.  The night’s weather was fantastic, the race (all 25 laps) just felt like clockwork and hearing all of the Ursinus student athletes cheering keep driving me each lap.


5) Tell us one short, funny story from UCTFXC that sticks with you.

Waiting anxiously on the bus to leave for a track meet to look out the window to see a tardy teammate hurriedly rush to the bus, with his singlet on…backwards…nipples fully exposed.


6) What do you think of the current state of affairs for UCTFXC? Are they in a good place?

In my opinion, they’re in a great place.  I definitely credit Coach Blickle in playing a huge part in helping me “buy into” running and UCTFXC.  The coaching staff and their support combined with the leadership of the upperclassmen has created a team culture of an emerging, hungry group of guys and girls looking to make moves in the Centennial Conference.


7) What did you most enjoy during your time running with UC?

I have come to really appreciate the little things, like the shenanigans just before practice in the fieldhouse, stretching and cracking jokes, sharing the anticipation and nerves before a big workout and the meals together at Wismer.


8) What has post Ursinus-running life been like? How have you managed to arguably start running better since college? Please give some insights into your training regime.

It’s a change of pace compared to college running, particularly with commuting and working, the passion for running is definitely tested.  My day-to-day is pretty routine, low-stress, behind a desk in a casual, comfortable work environment at a small company.  I think there is something to be said for “getting after it” each day or chasing a certain goal, whether it is athletic, professional, personal, or emotional, to value each hour of the day and maximize productivity. 


Routine and eliminating minor shortcuts (snooze button) takes the stress out of fixating too much on unnecessary things.  On the weekdays, I typically arise at 5:30 in the morning, leave my house for the train into NYC around 6 and change at the gym to run in NYC (north or south on the Hudson Greenway) just after 7.  On the weekends, I typically run in the late morning around Glen Ridge.  I’ll usually pick out a few races of 5k to marathon distance and build up mileage and tailor my workouts depending on when the races are and how I feel day-to-day.  Mileage-wise, I’m still experimenting but I would like to keep run about 70mpw through mid-May until I run the Pocono Marathon.  I don’t follow any plan but my paces are based on a reasonable goal race time I usually try two workouts per week, a mid-week tempo run and a long run usually on Saturday, with a day off every other week.  Almost all of my runs are singles but I’ll double if I have a random day off or recovery Sunday.



9) What are some of your goals in running heading forward?


In two weeks, I’m running a half marathon and targeting under 1:17 (5:52 per mile pace)

In early April, I’m running a local 10k where I would like to better my track PR (5:36 per mile pace)

In the marathon I’m running one in mid-May and waiting to be accepted into the New York City Marathon in mid-May, I would definitely like to run under 2:50 in one/both of these races and eventually run under 2:45.


10) Who are your favorite male and female professional runners?

Alan Webb & Jenny Simpson




1) Any long term professional goals?

I am relatively new and extremely interested in the industry I work in (programmatic media buying) and I want to learn as much as I can and take on more responsibilities.


2) Why do you eat Pescetarian?

Health but moreso ethical reasons.  I believe whatever you eat or use, you have to accept the ethical implications of how it got to your plate or how it was made.  I don’t believe the vast majority of meat is cultivated in an ethical manner that I’m ok with perpetuating.


3) Favorite book(s)?

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely


4) Dream girl?

Perfectly imperfect


5) Ideal date scenario?

Something that puts us out of our comfort zone (exciting activity) and then dinner and drinks


6) Did UC help prepare you for life after college?

Probably personally more that professionally.  I definitely think UC helped shape my beliefs and develop into an adult.


7) Favorite TV show(s)?

Entourage and American Pie


8) What do you like to do in your free time?

I’ll keep this blog PG


9) Favorite season of the year?

Early autumn


10) Favorite sport to watch?



11) Which podcasts do you like to listen to?

Joe Rogan Experience, Football Weekly, The Football Ramble, The Totally Football Show, Citius Mag Podcast, Final Surge Podcast, Waking Up with Sam Harris, NPR Planet Money, Freakonomics Podcast, The Vampire Squid


12) Favorite school in the Centennial Conference other than UC?



13) Drink of choice?

Water or if I’m feeling rowdy, an IPA


14) If you could only drink tea or coffee, which one would you choose?

Coffee but that’s a tough choice


15) Thoughts on some things our government could do better?

If I was almighty ruler, drastically reduce military spending, stricter gun laws, eliminate mortgage tax deduction, legalize marijuana and certain other drugs, make the legal drinking age to 18 and no driving with any BAC, legalize gay marriage… just to name a few.


16) Favorite breakfast food?

Oatmeal with a splash of milk, banana(s), cinnamon, and honey or coconut oil


17) Condiment of choice?

Ketchup is alright I guess


18) Favorite would-you-rather?

Assuming you’re not trying to gain or lose weight, would you have no appetite (as in your hunger level is constantly satisfied and you automatically get all vitamins and nutrition) but food and drinks have no taste?


19) Favorite soccer team?



20) If you lived somewhere other than the US, where would it be?

Canada or England


21) Thoughts on the blog?

Love it, keep up the great work




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