Old Challenges Revisited

I took a quick look back at some old posts and found this challenges post. Of course I did not really check up on and follow through with the actual tasks, but I took a look at them and would like to give them a shot. Below are the tasks and how close I would be at this point to actually doing them, if I did not complete the challenge already.


Run a sub-5 mile without a pacer or knowing splits. 

Aw man, there were certain points in my college career where I was definitely in good enough shape to do this. I would really have to work my ass off to get to that level again.

Complete a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.

This is probably further from happening than when I wrote the original post lol.

Complete 20 Pull-Ups in a Row.

If I had a time machine to summer before freshmen year of college when I would do core with pull-ups every day to get ready for XC then this could have happened. Only time I could legitimately argue I had a six-pack of sorts without flexing. Miss my pull-up bar at home that made it easy to practice.

Spend a Day in Mindfulness.

This is still something I really want to do. We get so caught up in the day to day. It feels good to be busy sometimes, but taking time for ourselves is more important.

Run a Half-Marathon. 

Coming up on November 17th in Philly! Let’s Go!!

Hit 20 Free Throws in a Row.

Already done. Best was 32 straight.

Start Saving Money.

Uhhhhhh yeah, so grad school makes this kind of hard to do. But I am very thankful with my scholarship and job on campus that all the tuition is covered.


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